Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions about the Symposium. Have a question that's not answered here? Send a message to Team Polygence on our platform or email!

When is the next Symposium of Rising Scholars taking place?

September 18, 2021 from 9am PT to 1pm PT.

Where is the Symposium taking place?

It will take place online via the virtual conference software Hopin.

When will I know what time I’m presenting? When will I know the schedule of events?

Students will receive the schedule of events, including the time of their presentation and their panel information on August 20th.

Can I invite family and friends to attend? How do I invite them?

Yes! You will receive a referral link to send to friends and family to enable them to register for the event and join you on the day!

Can I invite my mentor to attend?


How do I create and give a great presentation?

The best tip we have is to look at our past Symposium that took place in June 2021. This was a more scaled down version of the Symposium that you’ll take part in, but the students’ presentations were excellent! What made them excellent? They were concise, clear, and easy to follow. Take a look here!

How long should my talk be (formal presentation)?

You will have a 10 minute time slot. You should plan to present for 8 minutes and to reserve 2 minutes for questions.

How long should my poster presentation be?

5 minutes.

How many slides should there be for my talk?

Given that your talk should be 8 minutes long, your PowerPoint should be made up of no less than 5 slides and no more than 10 slides.

What should my poster presentation look like?

Check out this link here for some tips!

Is there anything specific that my slides should include?

Take a look at the PowerPoints for our past Symposium here. These are great examples of professional presentations and PowerPoints. Note that students included a title slide and also many of them thanked their mentors in the final slide.

I’m nervous about presenting. Will I get to practice my presentation?

Yes! There will be dress rehearsals taking place the last two weeks of August. More information coming to you soon!

What prizes can I win at the Symposium?

Talks, poster presentations, and elevator pitches will be scored by a panel of judges.


First Place $2,500 USD

Second Place: $1,500 USD

Third Place: $500 USD

Poster Presentations

First Place: $200 USD 

Elevator Pitch Videos

First Place: $100 USD

Overall: Innovator Award - $500

Awarded to the presenter with the most innovative project

Overall: Audience's Favorite Presentation - $1,000 USD

Awarded to the presenter with the most registrants and attendees

How will my presentation be judged?

Click here to access the rubric judges will used to score your presentations.